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We aim to make you feel great, inside and out.

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How can BodySoulMovement help you?


Live Group Classes via Zoom

Group classes are brilliant for carving out space in your schedule for you.

Live sessions give you the flexibility to move at home whilst keeping the commitment to yourself to make that class.

Three classes held each week at times to suit all: 

Move 45: Monday & Wednesday

Move 55: Saturday am

Beginners are always welcome. Classes are a general level and tailored to suit all in the class. 

No equipment is needed; just you, a bit of floor, your device and a mat or towel. 

If in doubt, drop us a line to have a chat.

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Pilates with Ball


In-Person & Online

1:1//Private sessions are fantastic for those who are needing rehab from an injury or chronic illness, or who have specific goals for their personal wellness or sporting achievements. 

In-Person: sessions are held at Polestar Pilates studios in Kings Cross using full studio equipment.

Online: No specific equipment is required for your sessions, however if you have Pilates equipment such as a reformer or chair we can use that in Zoom sessions.


Online via Zoom

Would you like to join a pilates & movement class but would prefer to do it with your friends? Do you have friends over the world that you would like to get together with on a regular basis? Are you in Lockdown?
Why not create your own regular private movement group. You can learn pilates & move together in a Live class and then hang back and catch up with each other after class in your own private Zoom meeting as you would do if you were in a studio together.

Pilates Work Out
Weight Loss Essentials


Online via Zoom

Do you feel you need a boost and support to get yourself back on track? Have you thought you would like to make changes but you haven't found the key to unlock that door? Coaching for a healthy life allows you to uncover the pathway that is right for you to get you here you want to be. Focusing on nutrition, mindset, goals and achievable outcomes; together with your coach as your cheerleader, you will discover the right health lifestyle is for you & the actions you want to take to get yourself there.


Online via Zoom

You might be feeling a constant lack of energy, going through menopause, adult acne, high levels of stress that are giving digestive issues, you may have put on weight you can't seem to lose, suffer from anxiety or you may have a chronic illness that you wish to support with your diet & lifestyle. 
Working with a qualified nutritionist can give you the tools and support you need to create a strategy back to health. 
Food & diet can be complex. Habits can be tough to break. There no need to do this alone. Absolutely zero judgement, we provide options and supportive pathways to solutions.

Group Workout Session


Online via Zoom

BodySoulMovement creates bespoke experiences that are unique to individuals. Combining the three elements of the brand we create online happenings for groups who would like to connect with their friends or family on a national or global level and do something different together. 
Whether it is for a birthday, hen/stag party, anniversary or whatever celebration you have in mind, in conjunction with some fabulous partners we create an experience that is holistic for all.

Find out about the options we have on offer
Foggy Waters

"Calm mind brings inner strength and self confidence, so that is very important for good health"

Dalai Lama

Jumping Dancer

"Believe you can and you're halfway there"

Theodore Roosevelt


The BodySoulMovement concept is make you feel great, inside and out. Our emotional, mental and physical health are interdependent, our inner shines on our outer self and our outer radiates to our inner self. 

We invite our clients to connect the dots, to listen to their intuition, to know and understand what is right and wrong for them. We guide, support and encourage. to inside & the outside together.

The need for holistic health is ever greater than ever before, for all of us.

You could be working from home and have found your movement routine is in disarray, perhaps you have experienced an injury and want to get back to you. You may need nutritional advice boot out lingering dietary habits or just want to change as you move into a different phase of life. 

Feel free to drop us a line below to chat about how we can support you. 

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Legs Workout


Find out how we can work together to support you on your individual health journey, or your business & employees with a bespoke benefits package.

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What Our Clients Say About Us..

I have been attending Pilates classes for 12 years and started working with Alison during Lockdown. She is an exceptional teacher who manages the remote nature of Zoom teaching perfectly. Her classes are the favourite part of my week.

Jo, Devon

I love Alison's classes, they flow really well. I always feel like I've been to an Osteopath after one of her sessions, everything is stretched, lengthened and i feel stronger.

Alex, Kent

Working as a rehab physio can be physically tough. You always make my body feel connected again. Thank you so much

Sophie, Bucks

I have been suffering from chronic lower back pain and pain in my shoulders as a result of my work as a management consultant. Since having 121 sessions with Alison, my issues have gone and I can really see the positive change and impact Pilates is having on both my posture and my movement.

David, London

I have been working with Alison on a 121 basis for over 3 years, both in the studio & now online. She has helped me rehab a bad knee injury from skiing & a trapped nerve in my arm due to work. She always works me hard and my spine is so much more fluid because of the work we have done.

Kate, Yorkshire

I never thought I'd get into Pilates but after trying the BodySoulMovement classes during lockdown, I'm hooked. It's my weekly body check in and unwind from a busy week.

Andrew, Athens

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