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Finding the right path for you

Do you sometimes feel like your life has gone awry, that all those intentions you had have slid by the wayside?
Do you sometimes feel like your bandwith is full and there is just too much going on because life has mutated in a way you couldn't forsee, and you need that extra boost to get you back on track? 
BodySoulMovement, we focus on feeling great on the inside and out which is why we have teamed up with certified coaches & nutritionists to support that inner you.

Studying at Home


Online via Zoom

Do you feel you need a boost and support to get yourself back on track? Have you thought you would like to make changes but you haven't found the key to unlock that door?

Coaching is a fantastic way to create space to find that something else, to give yourself permission to find your pathway and to find what works best for you.

Often we are being told by the external world what is right for us, but deep down we know that we need something else but can't quite put our finger on it.

Focusing on mindset, goals and achievable outcomes; together with your practitioner you will create the life strategy that works for you.


Online via Zoom

Pure Nutrition is for those who wish to focus on their nutrition & health in a more traditional therapeutic setting.
A qualified nutritionist will work with you to understand your underlying health issues and create a strategy to recalibrate your diet & lifestyle to support you on your health journey. 
Before the first consultation you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire and food diary which allows your nutritionist to understand the current state of landscape. 
As well as a diet update, supplements will be suggested to support the body back to its state of equilibrium. For more complex health issues, full spectrum tests may be recommended from one of the leading UK labs to enable your nutritionist to understand potential the underlying causes so they can recommend a more focused protocol.
Where necessary we work with your Doctor, or other healthcare specialists to ensure that the nutritional strategy is in line with other treatment that you are undertaking. 
Supplement partners include: MitoQ, Nutri Professional, NutriWest, Jarrow & Wild Nutrition.

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