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Supporting the health of your workforce, inside and out.

Life has changed for many businesses due to the CoronaVirus pandemic. 80% of the workforce started working from home and continue to work remotely 50% each week. Not everyone has a space for an office in their homes & any many are now working from a makeshift desk, their bed, sofa or the kitchen table.
HR departments work really hard to create the correct ergonomic environment within their offices, and this is their next challenge - how to support their employees as well when they are in a home-based environment which they have no control over in terms of seating, desk space or other environmental factors.

BodySoulMovement partners with businesses to create employee health strategies, private company-only  movement classes, 1:1 sessions, nutrition or health coaching. By understanding your workforce needs, we can create the bespoke strategy to enable your businesses and employees health to thrive.
If you head up the HR Dept, are a HR Benefits exec, please get in touch to discuss your needs and understand how we can work together to support your employees needs.

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Together we will create a strategy that supports the health of your workforce with the objective of building a stronger inner core of your business through better mental & physical agility of your staff.

From meditation & breath programmes, to private group movement & pilates classes or 1:1's, personal nutrition and coaching sessions plus a variety of workshops on offer, BodySoulMovement and their partners can provide a holistic strategy to support your employees with a bespoke Working from Home benefits package.


Working from home can create all sorts of challenges for your employees posture, mobility and strength. Many people are working harder, and longer hours and without the commute are moving less. 

Physical health, translates into emotional health.The physical and mental adaptiveness & resilience of your employees is more important than ever before in the current climate when so much is changing & out of our control. 

We can create a bespoke range of classes and workshops to suit your business' needs.

For individual clients, we offer 1:1 sessions either online or in person at two studios in North London.

Employees may be recovering from a specific injury, have chronic pain, want to get back into exercise or have a specific aim and enjoy the 1:1 experience. For those in rehab, we work in close contact with medical professionals to ensure that all clients receive the best care for their situation.

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Some people find the juggle of the work/life balance extra tough, especially  when working from home as they can find it hard to switch off from work which can have a direct impact on their mindset and work performance which is why we work with our corporate coaching clients from a health first position.

We use a goal-based strategic coaching model for clients to access and understand the pathway to their goals and objectives. To shift their mindset to one that meets their needs from both a business and person perspective. We believe that they are interrelated and important to look at both from a holistic perspective. 


In these 1:1 sessions, we offer a health MOT with one of our nutritionists and then the client can move into our Coaching programme, whether is is giving simple recipes to try, recommendations nutritious for home delivery services, food cupboard refreshes, storage workshops or shopping list guidance; our aim is to give our clients the tools to find their pathway to success within the boundaries of their full lives ad support them to reach their goals for themselves and their families.

Drop us a line to find out more.

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Breathing is a fundamental part of performance. All businesses require people who can perform at the best of their abilities, from the reception staff to the CEO, each and every one needs to be in the very best of health and breath techniques can help


Poor breath function can impact someone from a position of stress and anxiety, which may be as a result of presenting in meetings, holding workshops, or managing stake holders. 

Emails and  projects can impact breathing - have you ever received 'that' email, which made you hold your breath, or anticipation of waiting for the details of a project to land? Holding the breath can cause suffering due to a lack of oxygen in the blood stream, which can then decrease focus, create brain fog, and loss of concentration.


And sleep. How many of your employees have difficulties sleeping? Whether it is sleep apnea, insomnia or disrupted sleep. We teach people to love their nights, to find the ability to sleep well, dream deeply and wake up rested.


Curious? Get in touch to find out how we can make your work force more productive, innovative, healthier and happier as a result.

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Find out how we can work together to support you on your individual health journey, or your business & employees with a bespoke benefits package.

A reply to your message will be heading your way very soon.

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