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The BodySoulMovement concept is to create a space to allow you to feel great, inside and out. Our emotional, mental and physical health are interdependent, our inner shines on our outer self, and our outer radiates to our inner self. We invite clients to connect the dots, to listen to their intuition, to know and understand what is right and wrong for them. We guide, support and encourage.

The need for holistic health is ever greater, for all of us.

You may be working from home or now in a home/office hybrid. Either way, 'Desk Pose' is a reality. 

The more time we spend at our computers, on our phones, the less we move. The more static our skeletons become. It is our ambition to thwart this onset. To become the fluid and easy-movement selves that we have and can be.

Depending on what your needs are, either one of the team at BodySoulMovement or one of our network will be in a position to support you.

Feel free to drop us a line below to chat about how we can support you.



Alison is passionate about building her clients health foundations from the ground up.

Working holistically, with both physical & emotional health. She meets clients where they are, without expectation, at that moment. She excels at listening and being curious, exploring what her clients need and uncovers, as a collaboration, how to reach their goals.

Together, it's amazing what can be possible. 

Alison is a qualified Polestar Pilates instructor, holds a degree in Nutritional Therapy (FdSc, Dip ION), breath work and Life Coaching diplomas as well as being an ex-dancer and yoga lover.

After 20 years in corporate life, she now has a balance between movement, coaching and commercial consultant clients - the perfect blend for her polymath personality.

And one that creates the unique holistic connection and understanding that she provides for her clients.  

She combines all the experience & wisdom that her life has provided so far, into her work bringing others back to health. 

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What Our Clients Say About Us..

I have been attending Pilates classes for 12 years and started working with Alison during Lockdown. She is an exceptional teacher who manages the remote nature of Zoom teaching perfectly. Her classes are the favourite part of my week.

Jo, Devon

I love Alison's classes and how they flow. I often feel like I've been to an Osteopath after one of her sessions, everything is connected, lengthened and I feel stronger within myself.

Alex, London

Working as a rehab physio can be physically tough. You always make my body feel connected again. Thank you so much

Sophie, Bucks

I have been suffering from chronic lower back pain and pain in my shoulders as a result of my work as a management consultant. Since having 121 sessions with Alison, my issues have gone and I can really see the positive change and impact Pilates is having on both my posture and my movement.

David, London

I have been working with Alison on a 121 basis for over 3 years, both in the studio & now online. She has helped me rehab a bad knee injury from skiing & a trapped nerve in my arm due to work. She always works me hard and my spine is so much more fluid because of the work we have done.

Kate, Yorkshire

I never thought I'd get into Pilates but after trying the BodySoulMovement classes during lockdown, I'm hooked. It's my weekly body check in and unwind from a busy week.

Andrew, Athens

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