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What 5 Things Do I Need for My First Online Pilates Class?

Updated: Apr 9

What do I need? Is one of the most frequent questions clients ask when they are about to book their online pilates first class.

To make it easy for everyone, we thought that we would list the top 5 things that everyone needs for their first class to go like a breeze.

1) You!

Turning up for class is the most important gift you can give yourself. it's so easy to be distracted with life, and forget to give yourself time for you.

2) Internet connection & Zoom account:

This is a live online class, so you will need an internet connection that can carry the weight of video streaming (most should be fine, I have had clients who have switched to data if their internet has gone down). You will also need to sign up for Zoom before class - it's free to sign up and you can play via your web browser or download their app to your device of choice.

3) A computer, laptop, iPad (or similar) or smart phone:

As it's a live class, ideally we would like to see you, to check on your positioning, and moves during class. It's ideal rather than essential as we would like to give you the best experience possible. If you have a smart TV then you can cast (share) the class from your device to your TV so you can see in a bigger screen (just make sure your camera is positioned far enough away from you so your body is captured by your devices camera).

4) A yoga or gym mat & water:

This isn't essential, but always a much nicer experience to have a yoga or gym mat to lie on. I have had clients use a rug or work just from their carpet. It is always good to have some water on hand to drink during class if you would like to.

5) A large bath towel, and a couple of cushions:

At times we use props for certain exercises, and rather than use specific pilates props, we like to use everyday objects. If you wish, later down the line, you can purchase pilates props separately, but until then many of our clients use these. it's always good to have a cushion at hand to kneel on, or to pop under the head, we are all made differently, and sometimes our bodies need that extra bit of support.

We look forward to welcoming you to your next class with BodySoulMovement, please check out our full schedule here and there is more info on our movement page or if you would like to get in touch, please send us a message here or check out our instagram page

With love, and roll downs.

Alison, founder BodySoulMovement.

yoga mat to use while doing online pilates classes at home

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